What will we do with old Charlie boy?

Nice photo of the old boy isn’t it?

Now, look. I’m a Republican. But I won’t descend to a rant here, although I could very easily.

Prince Charles is right about Putin. Indeed, Paddy Ashdown (and other commentators) said, more or less, the same thing two months ago.

It’s not outrageous to say that Putin’s annexation of Crimea is similar to Hitler’s annexation of Sudetenland. It is a statement of the bleeding obvious.

But here’s the thing. I agree with Prince Charles on this. But I detest his interventions on architecture and resent his undisclosed green ink letters to ministers.

So, I can’t really say that Charles is right to speak out when I agree with him and wrong to speak out when I don’t agree with him.

So, I have to say that Prince Charles should just keep quiet.

We don’t really need his input. (We’re overwhelmed with talking heads as it is.) He’s not there to give it except to the PM in private if and when he succeeds to the throne. So just keep quiet, please Prince Charles.

(And yes, it was a “private conversation” but Prince Charles has dealt with life in the media gaze everyday of his life since he was out of nappies. He knew what he was doing. He’s not an innocent.)

photo by: http://www.victoriajohnson.co.uk


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