Congratulations to Conchita Wurst

Conchita Wurst-2210It was great to see Conchita Wurst winning Eurovision. I was particularly impressed to see that the UK gave her 12 points. That made me proud – even though I voted for the Netherlands, as their song is more to my liking.

“Is it a man or a woman?” someone asked.

Well, first of all, could the enquirer not perhaps simply google the name and read the first para of her Wikipedia entry?

Hopefully we are starting to accept, as a society, that everyone has a right to express themselves and that it is pointless and inhumane to try to fit people into two gender labels.

Facebook now have 50 options by which their members can express their gender, including “other”. Even 50 is arguably not enough.

Conchita Wurst is doing no harm, indeed I suspect she is doing a lot of good.

We should focus our concern onto people who are often regarded as”normal” but who regularly beat up their partners.

There is too much pressure on men to be “men” so that when control starts to be shared, the “men” can’t handle it and react violently.

That is tragic and hopefully, we will in future worry less about people’s gender and orientation, and more about real problems.


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