UKIP broken Caps Lock key rebuttal unit goes into full panic stations mode

imageMark Pack brilliantly quipped that “UKIP’s media rebuttal style appears to be ‘act like someone who comments on the Telegraph website and has a broken Caps Lock key'”.

There is more evidence of this today.

Man without substance blog spotted that the actor used in the UKIP poster railing against people from other EU countries coming over here and taking all our jobs is Dave O’Rourke, who is an Irish migrant. A very fine actor by the look of it, as well.

So, of course, UKIP get out their keyboard fixed in upper case mode and fire off this rant-rebuttal, reported by the Evening Standard:

But the Ukip spokesman called the Tories “wilful idiots” and pointed out that when William Hague led the party, actors were used in a poster on the number of nurses and teachers in Britain. “This is utterly standard practice in political advertising,” he added.

That’s right. Attack the people who didn’t spot the obvious flaw, and respond to a criticism that is beside the point. But do it in full red-faced wide-mouth-open Farage rant-style. We won’t notice. We’re all thick anyway.


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