The 2.4 million UK citizens snubbed by Nick Clegg's banging on about "Great Britain"

2008.11.22 - Union FlagPerhaps I am being overly pedantic.

But I am now starting to get livid about Nick Clegg banging on about “Great Britain, not Little England”.

The name of our country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. By referring only to Great Britain, Nick is excluding and marginalising all the people in Northern Ireland, many of whom lost relatives and friends and/or were injured in the struggle to settle Northern Ireland’s future as part of the United Kingdom. He is also excluding people in the scores of islands which are contained within our country, other than Great Britain.

Going from the 2011 census, we are talking about 1,811,000 people in Northern Ireland, 99,739 people in the Scottish Islands and 141,050 people in the Isle of Wight. If you also include the other 13 islands of England and Wales, the total number of people in the UK who are not living on the island of Great Britain, is 2,381,816.


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