West Buckland School – Economics EU further reading

imageI’m tremendously excited about next week. I’m going back to school! Yes, a full 37 years after I left West Buckland School on the fringes of Exmoor in Devon, I will be returning there next week on two days.

On one of those days I will be involved in an outdoor endeavour of which I will write next week.

On Wednesday, through the good offices of the West Buckland School Foundation, I’ll be experiencing a “Back to school day”.

This is eerily reminiscent of John Osborne’s 1971 BBC1 ‘Play for Today’ called ‘The Right Prospectus’, where a middle-aged man, played by George Cole, became a pupil at a public school with his wife. The programme was filmed at West Buckland School in the term before I arrived there. You can see a wonderful clip of the production on YouTube here.

As part of my ‘Back to school day’ I have been honoured with an invitation to lead a discussion about the economic benefits of the EU.

Here are some further reading links related to that discussion:

House of Commons library summary of statistics related to the UK’s EU membership

The Economic Benefits to the UK of EU membership – European Movement UK

Catherine Bearder MEP’s Euromyths / My top ten Euromyths

EU position in world trade

The EU. What’s in it for me?


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