RIP Trevor Brown, a truly great Liberal

I was very sorry indeed to hear of the death of Trevor Brown.

Trevor was a stunning example of how to live one’s life for one’s values. He sacrificed his career to fight, successfully, for improved safety in the nuclear industry. He campaigned long and hard to stop children from picking up the smoking habit. He campaigned on a variety of local issues in Newbury as a Newbury Borough Councillor and a Berkshire County Councillor.

But Trevor was also a very warm and friendly man. A lovely, lovely man with an impish, dry sense of humour. He was extremely thoughtful and, for many years, not only phoned me on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday but also phoned my wife on her birthday to wish her a happy day.

Trevor was awarded the Liberal Democrat President’s Award at the last autumn conference for his lifetime of service to the Liberal Democrat cause.

We have lost an extraordinary man. I express my sincere and deep condolences to Trevor’s family, who I know loved him and cared for him very much.


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