TUC demo outside conference today

I watched this “A Better Way” demonstration go past the conference centre this morning. It was organised by the Yorkshire and Humberside TUC.

I was just gobsmacked by the whole thing. There were masses of people of all ages and backgrounds, from physiotherapists to actors. The ingenuity which had been put into the many placards was, alone, remarkable.

Then I looked at the demo website, which is awesome. The in-depth organisation across wide communities, behind this event, was staggering.

The demo was very well behaved, with the participants keeping inside agreed lines.

Well done Yorkshire and Humberside TUC. An awesome event. I take my hat off to you all.

It all certainly made me pause for thought.

Did it make me ashamed to be a Liberal Democrat? Strangely, not one iota. While a visual exercise in democracy, calling out “shame” and “Tories” doesn’t get anyone anywhere and is very old hat.

I can assure the TUC folk that we are a lot more cutting amongst ourselves about the painful choices of coalition.


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