Searches for missing people is biggest reason for police helicopter hovers over Newbury

Day 28 - West Midlands Police Helicopter - Air Ops - Alpha Oscar OneI have now sorted the data provided to me by West Yorkshire Police under the Freedom of Information Act. See below.

This lists the reasons for each police helicopter hover over Newbury from 1st December 2012 to 30th November 2013.

There were 60 hovers in all. The most common reason for hovers was to search for missing people/concern for welfare search (bolded below). In all there were 20 hovers for this reason – about a third of the hovers.

I find this very interesting – and, indeed, reassuring.

Here’s the aggregated list, with the caveat that the police changed their classification system half way through the year, so there is a bit of overlap in the classifications:

11 Search- missing person
6 Suspicious circumstances incident
6 Fear for welfare search
5 Firearms incident
4 Search – Vehicle
4 Photo/Video
3 Search-suspect
3 Search CFW/injured person
3 Other
3 Burglary non-dwelling
3 Burglary dwelling
2 Search – other
2 Decamp
1 Theft
1 Pursuit vehicle
1 Ops support other
1 Observer training
1 Foot pursuit


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