SNP's pound debacle indicates profound problem with independence campaign

9841631403_b0ebea1646_bI must admit I was scratching my head when it was announced by the SNP that they are proposing to keep the pound if Scotland votes yes to independence.

So, an independent Scotland has its money governed by the Governor of the Bank of England. Note: “England”. And that governor is appointed by the Westminster government.

It is just bonkers. Really bonkers.

But never mind. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are very confident of their superior intelligence. All of us who were surprised by this were being stupid. It really was logical, they said. Indeed, it was the right of Scotland to have the pound.

Nicola Sturgeon (in one of those interviews where she sort of snorty/laughs down her nose at the interviewer as she responds to questions she feels are stupid and beneath her superior intelligence) actually said that the Bank of England is independent, so it would make sense for Scotland’s money to be run by it.

Was she being disingenuous? Did she expect that people would be so stupid as to believe that the Bank of England is “independent” in a scenario involving two sovereign states?

Yes, it is “independent” in that it sets interest rates independent of the British government. But it is not independent in deciding issues between two sovereign states, quite simply because the Bank of England is wholly owned by the UK Government’s Treasury Solicitor and with its Governor appointed on the recommendation of the UK Prime Minister.

And now the whole thing has unravelled and even the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury says it is a bonkers idea.

But this mess indicates a profound problem with the independence campaign. It’s one party and, basically, two politicians who are advocating independence. That is no way to found a nation state. (Indeed Sottish devolution came about as a result of a broad consensus across Scottish society in the Scottish convention.)

And no amount of condescending, smart alec claptrap by the two fishy fishes (Salmond and Sturgeon) will change that.


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