Reasons for police helicopter hovering over Newbury 2012-2013

Day 28 - West Midlands Police Helicopter - Air Ops - Alpha Oscar OneMuch excitement. The National Police Air Service based at Benson, Oxfordshire, will be starting their tweeting on their Twitter account on February 25th. From that date, we should know the reason for each police helicopter hover over Newbury. This is very much to be welcomed. No longer will we have the sinister noise of the helicopter rattling overhead, with us thinking “What on earth is it doing?”.

By coincidence I have recently received a list of the reasons for police helicopter hovers over Newbury between November 2012 and November 2013. This was the result of a Freedom of Information request I lodged in December 2013, which was eventually fulfilled by West Yorkshire Police. Yes, it is bizarre. They look after the National Police Service and a month was wasted asking my own local force, only to be told to refer to ‘uddersfield!

Here, via the miracle that is Scribd, is the reply I got from West Yorkshire Police. It is fascinating stuff. (The data is also available on the West Yorkshire Police website here).

Update: I have done a little analysis on the figures in a later post here.

Freedom of information request – reply re: helicopters over Newbury Berkshire UK 2012-2013 Walter 127-236…


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