In praise of Radio 4's Six o'clock news

imageRadio 4’s PM is my normal listening fodder on the way home. Oh, how I chortle at Eddie Mair’s dry wit and his little mischiefs.

But I also listen to Radio 4’s Six o’clock news – which is altogether different.

Oh, I do love the chimes of Big Ben at the start. All those lovely gaps/silences. And the clear, unhurried diction of the announcer. You get all the day’s news in a no-nonsense way. Particularly on days when lots has happened, it is a haven of calm. No hysteria. No panic. No “personality”. Just the news.

And, if I were to spoil myself and choose a few favourites amongst the announcers, I would choose Susan Rae, Kathy Clugston, Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green.

When the world is turning upside down, you can’t beat a woman in a crisis – particularly a woman with the cool, perfect tones of Mesdames Rae, Clugston, Cass and Green. If the impending end of the world were to be announced by Susan Rae, I would be all right with that.

In a rapidly changing world, you know where you are with Radio 4’s Six o’clock news.


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