The vast volume of water flowing in the River Kennet

imageVirtually everyday I walk past the River Kennet. I often stop and wonder about the vast volume of water running down it.

Recently, it has been overflowing. There has been a vast torrent going along it, morning, noon and night. It is very dramatic.

I stand by the side of it, usually with our dog Charlie, and just wonder at the huge amount of water in it.

If you just imagine freezing the river and then cutting out the small section in front of you, as you stand by it, that’s a vast volume of water in itself. But then you multiply that by hundreds of thousands of times to cover the 24 hour flow down it.

It is just a mind-blowing amount of water. (And please let me know if I am getting over-obsessed about this)

I’ve often wondered where all this water comes from. I’ve looked it up on a contour map. The River Kennet basin is roughly 250 square miles in area. The length is about 25-30 miles and the breadth is about 10 miles. It starts at Swallowhead Spring near Avebury. Basically, the water which flows in the River Kennet drains off the land from East Wiltshire and the western half of West Berkshire.

Photo: License Some rights reserved by Preoccupations


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