Being interviewed in the street by Lembit for Iranian-funded TV

imageDid I dream this?

At the very least it was like an out-of-body experience…

We were walking along Coventry Street in London to see “Book of Mormon” (of which more, later) at 2pm today.

We were playing a game of “First one to spot a famous person”.

I won.

I spotted…ahem…Lembit Opik. He was brandishing a microphone with a TV cameraman at his shoulder.

We had a few minutes to kill, so I orbitted around Astroid Lembit and was duly accosted by the cameraman.

Being you could say “Montgomery”, I was being hyponotised by Lembit’s reassuring Ulster burr, as he explained what seemed a very thoughtful and earnest premise for his TV show on Press TV, which is Iranian-funded.

I was fired six questions which I hopefully answered in a reasonably enlightened way.

The gist of the questions was an analysis of differing views on how UK people view Muslims.

Did I know anything about Lee Rigby? Of course, I did, proceeding to spiel off a variety of facts and waffle. Fine.

Did I know anything about Mohammed Saleem? Um. You’ve got me there. Err. No.

(Chastened, I have done some research. The Birmingham Mail has this chilling tale upon the conviction of Mohammed Saleem’s killer. In many ways, Mohammed Saleem’s murder was the inverse of Lee Rigby’s, and it is a disgrace that I hadn’t heard of it.)

There followed other questions on my view of Muslims and how those views have been formed.

For the record, I have the greatest respect for Muslims, and it grieves me badly when I hear the occasional person describe Islam as a violent faith.

Quite frankly, if a few more people who describe themselves as “Christian” did a thousandth of the peaceful praying which Muslims do, then this country would be a far better place.

All in all, I applaud what Press TV and Lembit were covering today. They are certainly adding to the general good.

Photo: License Some rights reserved by Liberal Democrats


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