One simple thing you can do today in tribute to Nelson Mandela

4913749603_9543f2137b_bWhen he was an old man, people noticed that Nelson Mandela would take great care over reading his daily newspaper. He would carefully read every article. He would take his time. When he folded the pages he would be extremely careful about how he did it, creasing the paper meticulously so that the pages were neatly folded.

When someone noticed this, his assistant said that he was denied newspapers in prison, so that he made the most of the “luxury” of reading newspapers now he was outside prison.

So today, take a bit extra time to read the news. Read some articles on subjects you normally wouldn’t bother with. Be thankful that you can do this and be thankful for for the life of Nelson Mandela.

Photo by Lawrence OP, of sculpture by Marco Cianfanelli in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.