A really weird Scottish dream

4913749603_9543f2137b_bI had a really weird dream about Scottish independence last night.

As is usual with dreams, I can remember some details very clearly.

Nicola Sturgeon was being interviewed on Today by James Naughtie from Edinburgh.

She said that the SNP’s proposed Scottish “independence” would involve keeping the pound, controlled by the Bank of England. So the Bank of England would dictate Scottish interest rates and how much money is printed for Scotland – monetary policy.

In this dream, it was obvious that Sturgeon was using a really weird definition of the word “independence”. Indeed, she was making up her own meanings for the word “independence”. That wouldn’t happen in real life.

In my dream she said that the Bank of England ruling Scottish money scam is logical because the “Bank of England” is “independent”. Presumably she meant independent like the International Monetary Fund, rather than “independent” like the actual Bank of England, which is the central bank of the United Kingdom wholly owned by the UK Government’s Treasury Solicitor and with its Governor appointed on the recommendation of the UK Prime Minister.

So the whole dream was completely crazy.

I look forward to finding out about the SNP’s real plans in due course.

Photo by Kenny Barker


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