Teacher being told to be "less Cumbrian" story is not true

BBC Radio Berkshire had an interesting piece this morning. Our old friend Paul Dick, headteacher of Kennet School and general all-round educational good-egg, was on.

There has been this story about a teacher being told to be “less Cumbrian”. It turns out that Mr Dick is chair of governors at the primary school in question in Thatcham.

To cut a long story short, it seems that the teacher in question made a joke about having “to sort out (her) accent” as she left a meeting last week with union reps. One of those present took the joke seriously and leaked it to the media. We then had a 24 carat mediatweet storm with a satellite van rocking up outside the school and media bods wanting to interview parents.

The teacher in question is mortified at what has happened. Mr Dick has gone through the recent Ofsted report and the teacher’s appraisal with the teacher and her head. There is no mention of accents in either.

But what makes all this deliciously ironic is when you hear Paul Dick speak.

He has an Irish accent so thick that you could bottle it and use it to strip paint.


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