Congress just couldn't resist sticking a whopping chunk of pork into the debt deal

Olmsted Locks and Dam construction on Ohio River

Above – The Olmsted Locks and Dams project on the Ohio river, which was given $2.2billion of funding as part of the US Congressional debt deal passed this week.

So much for a “clean bill”. CNN points out five “bits of pork” secreted in the US emergency debt bill. (The total list was worth $986.3billion). The most astonishing is $2.2 billion of improvements for the Ohio river. The Guardian observes:

A major political beneficiary is likely to be the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, who is facing a tough re-election battle in Kentucky, where the work will be carried out. But it will also improve navigation along the river, which passes within 20 miles of the Ohio congressional district belonging to the House speaker, John Boehner.

I’m sure these replacement locks and dams are necessary, but it is really bizarre, and some might say a bit dodgy, for them to be snuck into the debt resolution bill at the last minute.


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