Government should focus on this more, and hoarding our emails less

HWY (1969)Based on rough averages, one person is killed each day as a result of a road accident caused by a young driver. I wholeheardtedly agree with the proposals from the Transport Research Laboratory. The government should implement the proposals, which will save lives, and spend less time concerned with hoarding our emails.

Passing a driving test and getting a licence is a rite of passage for many teenagers. But they may have to wait an extra year if the government implements changes being proposed.

A report commissioned by the government recommends that probationary licences are in future issued from the age of 18. Currently a provisional driving licence for a car can be applied for three months before the applicant turns 17; a provisional licence for a motorcycle or moped can be applied for three months before they turn 16.

The proposals suggest a 12-month “learner stage” during which drivers would have to clock up 100 hours of daytime driving practice under supervision, and 20 hours at night.

A curfew would see the roads clear of newly qualified drivers between 10pm and 5am unless they were carrying a passenger aged over 30 – and they would be banned from travelling with anyone younger than that if they themselves are not yet 30.


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