"The badgers are moving the goalposts" – Owen Paterson

BadgerAn absolute classic. From the Guardian:

The controversial badger cull in England has been branded a “farce” by opponents after ministers confirmed the marksmen have been forced to seek extensions in order to kill the minimum number required.

Despite the government slashing by two-thirds in 12 months its estimate of the number of badgers in the Somerset cull zone, marksmen still failed to reach their target.

“The whole situation is a farce,” said Gavin Grant, RSPCA chief executive. “They keep moving the goalposts on how many badgers exist and how many need to be killed but, whatever the figures, it is clear the system has failed.”

The environment secretary, Owen Paterson, who argues the cull is an essential part of stemming the rise of tuberculosis in cattle, said: “I am not moving anything – the badgers are moving the goalposts. You are dealing with a wild animal, subject to the vagaries of weather, disease and breeding patterns.”

I suspect there is some cartoonist or cartoonists, or Photoshop experts, already working on this one.


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