Marriage tax allowance is outrageous

Built to lastWe know it discriminates against widows, widowers, one in four children living with single parents, those who decide not to get married and those who leave abusive relationships.

But the absolutely crazy thing is that it also discriminates against married couples who both work!

From Don’t Judge:

How will it work?

A marriage (or civil partnership) would only be “recognised” if one of the couple doesn’t pay income tax (earning less than £9,440) and the other is a basic rate tax payer (earning between £9,440 and £41,451). The person earning less transfers their tax allowance to the one earning more. The transferable allowance is £1,000 and it’s worth about £200 a year.

So not all married couples will get it?

No. Most won’t. According to the Conservative party’s own website only a third of all married couples will be able to claim the marriage tax allowance: those with a breadwinner and a homemaker. Two thirds of these are older couples whose children are grown up.

So it’s not a marriage tax allowance. It’s a “homemaker and breadwinner” tax allowance.

So if you live like the couple, Laura and Fred Jesson, in the 1945 film “Brief Encounter” you’re all right Jack.


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