Nick Clegg's speech affected me so much, I ran at full speed towards the exit

imageNick Clegg’s speech today was very good.

If there is anyone occasionally reading this, he,she or it will perhaps be able to judge that, in my terms, “very good” is high praise.

At last year’s conference I was decidedly cheesed off with a series of leadership misjudgments and skulked in the back row of the hall, remaining seated during the ovation to Nick’s speech.

This year, while not exactly jumping up and down like an American high school baseball cheerleader, I felt comfortable with the speech. It was a good one with some strong passages. I particularly liked the list of things we’ve blocked in government.

I’ve seen Nick speaking four times this conference and I am left with a good solid feeling about his leadership.

Unfortuately, the speech must have started late. It had been scheduled to finish at 15:25 but it finished at 15:55. I had to walk some distance to a hotel to pick up my heavy suitcase then walk back to a railway station to catch a train to get to Glasgow Central station by 16:40.

I therefore left my seat as soon as Nick finished speaking, left the hall speedily with quite a few other people apparently in the same boat (or indeed on the same train) as me. I then was the first to run out of the conference perimeter, prompting a deep Glaswegian:”Take it easy there” from the security guard on the gate.

Suffice it to say, if I hadn’t needed to get my skates on to catch my train, I would have enthuasiastically appaluded Nick from an erect position.

The chap next to me on the train said that counts as an endorsement.


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