Three little bits of Glasgow

imageimageimageYesterday, I was overcome by a sort of claustrophobia and had to escape the conference bubble. Fortunately, it was a nice afternoon. I was able to have a lovely stroll around Glasgow, take some random photographs and enjoy an hour lounging in an internet cafe.

Here are three slightly oddball pics I took.

The first, on the immediate right, shows a back street off Argyle Street. Although it’s close to the centre of Glasgow, it looks like quite a backwater.

The second, far right, is of a monument, again in Argyle Street, put up by “public subscription” to the cartoonist and poet, Bud Neill

The third photo, at the bottom, shows a pub that caught my attention: The Two-Heided Man. A wonderful name and sign, although I haven’t yet summoned up the courage to walk into the pub…..

Update 18th September: Thank you to my good friend Caron Lindsay for linking to this post from Liberal Democrat Voice. Here’s some extra photos to better justify her doing that!



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