The Paedophile MP: How Cyril Smith got away with it

This programme is now available on 4oD. It’s a ‘must-see’, but deeply shocking and disturbing. Full marks to Liz MacKean for excellent journalism. The rank and file police come out of the programme respectably. Those “above” them don’t.


2 thoughts on “The Paedophile MP: How Cyril Smith got away with it

  1. What you say is true – it was troubling on many levels. However, I thought too much emphasis was placed on the lack of interest shown by David Steel and the Liberal Party generally. My impression, from afar – and generally confirmed by Smith’s character in the program, was that he simply was too forceful an individual for the leading figures in the Party to handle.

    Cowardly – yes, but this did not compare to the behaviour of the Establishment in protecting those who were useful to them. This was the truly shocking aspect – even though tens or even hundreds of children had their lives ruined by Smith. The question raised is how many thousands of lives have been ruined by by the inability of ordinary people to hold members of the ruling elite to account?

    Jon Snow interviewed John Hemming on C4 News, but seemed most eager to place the fault on the Party and chose to ignore JH’s efforts to draw attention to his efforts to tackle the restrictions on ‘freedom of speech’ in the UK through various means. Also, the timing of the program must be suspect – coming on the eve of the Party Conference.

    I believe the Party is travelling in the wrong direction and would like to see Clegg removed as leader, as I do not believe he has the necessary qualities to lead. However, for the Establishment’s wrongdoing to be glossed over in favour of directing any outrage at the Party – is a great injustice and provides no service to the people.

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