The most popular posts on Liberal Burblings

Arctic Trucks - Top Gear Magnetic North Pole Expedition“Liberal Burblings on politics and other passing fancies” – has long been the strap line here. Using the superb Google Analytics, I see that the most popular posts on this blog are firmly in the “other passing fancies” camp.

The piano music on the “This week on the BBC”. Paddy McGuiness’s catch phrases. The new Doctor Who. The new Inspector Barnaby. The promise to pay the bearer on demand. These posts bring people in their droves to Liberal Burblings, albeit for 2.24 seconds.

Some political posts feature in the top ten, such as Net present values and the Labour party.

Chris Huhne’s accidental tweet is number two in the popularity stakes on Liberal Burblings with 9,166 views in the last two years.

But with 14,350 views, number one is my post about whether or not Top Gear went to the North Pole. I wrote it in July 2007, and it has conistently received hits month after month since then. I can tell where “IN THE WORLD” Top Gear’s North Pole special has recently been shown by the origin of the latest hits for this post. US, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, belarus, Sweden, France, Germany, South Africa, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Greece, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, India, Portugal, Singapore, Croatia, Israel, Malaysia, Phillipines, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Chile, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey…. You name it and that country’s Top Gear viewers have an undiminished curiosity about whether or not Top Gear went to the North Pole for at least three seconds.

They did, by the way. Sort of.


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