Sarah Teather speaks for many of us *

speech sarah teather 1

I still love my party, but I am frustrated and disappointed. It is time to close this chapter.

– So says Sarah Teather, quoted at the end of an account of an interview with Toby Helm.

I can identify with much of what she says. ‘More in sorrow than anger’ seems to sum it up.

I can remember watching Sarah Teather speak as a student at Lib Dem conferences in the early 1990s. Tim Farron was one of her compadres. They were different days. As a party we’ve lost something, and I’m grateful to Sarah Teather for reminding us of that.

Politics can consume a life. I don’t think it is practical for one person to commit themselves to politics for a lifetime, especially for the Liberal Democrats, who demand a particularly acute commitment of body and soul.

I think it will be good for Sarah Teather to have a break from politics. I say that only because it is good for anyone to have a break from politics after 20+ years of committing their every waking hour to it.

I disagreed with her on equal marriage, but I wish her well, and thank her for her work for the party and providing a bit of a moral alarm clock call for us all.

I am not quite sure why all this had to be done with such a blaze of publicity, though. It all has an air of martyrdom about it. It must be a slow news Sunday at the Observer for them to lead with this.

* but not on equal marriage


One thought on “Sarah Teather speaks for many of us *

  1. Sorry to disagree Paul, but she lost the sense of realpolitik. All the blather from Sarah Teather. The Labour Left with all their pie eyed ideas is more of a place for her. It’s hard nosed being in Government and I don’t think she was up to it. Goodbye Sarah. Don’t call us….

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