The Scots can get on with it without my advice

Saltire and Forth Bridge@AndrewZCooper has compiled a series of tweets about Scottish Independence, and, in particular, English support for it:

One of my tweets didn’t make the final mix, as follows:

If the Scots decide to go for independence, good for them. They are fully entitled to do that. I am great believer in the basic right to self-determination. Me, and other Sassenachs, expressing a view is more likely to irritate those north of the border than anything else.

If they decide to stay in the union, that’s good also.

Those south of the border will have to get on with life whichever course is decided upon by those north of it.

Next subject please. I find the whole subject of the referendum rivettingly boring. I mean no disrespect to the Scots by that. I find Scotland and the Scots themselves infinitely inspiring and charming.


2 thoughts on “The Scots can get on with it without my advice

  1. I wouldn’t dream of advising the Scots either. As I mentioned in my tweets, I’m interested in this because of its huge implications for the rest of the UK but you have every right to find all of that incredibly boring. I hope that the Scots (and the many non Scots, including 400,000 English living in Scotland) vote Yes and that the issue isn’t fudged but hoping isn’t the same as advising.

    Anyway, enjoy your trip north of the border.

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