The making of Obama and Cameron – and the shadow of Harry

Statuesque ObamaObama is getting a lot of flak for asking Congress to approve or disapprove of military action. But using the democratic process is a sign of great strength on his part – an act of statesmanship. We had a gutful of gun-ho “God told me to do it” killing with George W Bush and his poodle, Blair.

I hope Obama is setting a healthy precedent which other US Presidents will follow. It was only with Harry S Truman, after all, that Presidents started to take war making decisions on their own. He started the Korean War and decided to drop two Atom bombs on his own.

Cameron has also been described as “weak” for failing to take Parliament with him to slaughter Syrians. If weakness means not using rhetoric to convince people to go on a foolish and reckless mission, as Tony Blair did, then give me weakness everytime.


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