In praise of RNLI lifeguards and Swimsafe

These two fellows (left) sum up the dedication of RNLI lifeguards. The photo was taken last Saturday. Sat on upturned plastic tubs at the end of Bude Bathing Pool (as it was called until someone decided to start calling it “Bude Sea Pool”), garbed up in wind cheaters and woolly hats against the coldish wind, their eyes were carefully checking each and every of the swimmers in front of them.

imageBude RNLI joined up with the Amateur Swimming Association this year to give free 40 minute “Swimsafe” courses to holidaying kids. It was an excellent scheme which was heavily attended. Great stuff. Often kids visiting Bude, and other coastal towns, don’t even know what tides are, let alone rip currents and the need to keep within the red and yellow flags. At Summerleaze beach Bude if you stray off to the south at mid/full tide, the beach suddenly disappears under your feet and you end up getting pulled out to sea. It’s called a river.

So full marks to the RNLI and ASA! Such courses are well and trully needed.


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