Prime Minister Dan Rogerson visits Widemouth Bay


The Prime Minister was here the other day.

My mother is as sharp as a needle. But even she gets the odd thing muddled up, sometimes to an alarming degree. She once announced that Richard Branson is “autistic”. She meant “dyslexic”.
Now, I knew that David Cameron had been holidaying in Cornwall recently. But I didn’t realise he’d had time to knock on doors in Widemouth Bay.

Who was here?

– I asked.

Dan Rogerson

– She replied.

He’s your MP, not the Prime Minister, dear.

– I explained.
Anyway, my parents were tickled pink to welcome Dan Rogerson into their home recently. They were particularly impressed by his knowledge of local church matters. I’ll have to encourage them to complete and send back the survey form he brought round.
My parents were very pleased Dan voted against military action in Syria.


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