The impeach Obama movement proves that Jeremy Clarkson was right

Clagett Farm CSA 2008 Week 5The New York Times reports that there is a growing movement amongst Republicans to impeach President Obama. – Just for the hell of it, by the look of it. It proves finally that Jeremy Clarkson was right when he said, after being chased out of Seminole, Alabama by locals outraged at Richard Hammond’s “Man love is best” and “Vote Hillary” vehicle signage:

I honestly believe that in some parts of America they’ve actually started mating with vegetables.

David Axelrod comments on the development:

I think there are a lot of challenges ahead but impeachment is not one of them. The bottom line is that it would be enormously self-destructive for the Republicans to waste time on what is a plainly empty expression of primal, partisan rage.

And the last word goes to a Republican representative from South Carolina:

Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, a conservative former prosecutor, acknowledges that voters raise the issue with him, which he said he deflects with, “Have you met Joe Biden?” The exchange usually ends with laughter.


3 thoughts on “The impeach Obama movement proves that Jeremy Clarkson was right

  1. Nice to see the Libtards using a conservatives quotes to try and justify Oblabber for all his free give aways as he lies about not adding taxes to the poor and middle class while all the free loaders cheer him on denying those very taxes are happening while they laugh an belittle those very poor and middle class tax payers who are forced to let their own children go hungry at night so they can feed the worthless.

    Keep using Jeremy’s lines idiots, if you ever watched the show you would know you are the kind of people he makes fun of free loading trolls and it’s always nice to see you are so full of crap and so empty of imagination you couldn’t come up with your own garbage to say so you had to steal his lines. Typical Liberals, just don’t want to do anything on your own so you find ways to force others to do it for you.


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