Are there enough dumb bum terrorists around to justify digital espionage?

Spy vs Sci 564Unusually, I find myself in full agreement with Tony Greaves on the Miranda and scrunched Macbook controversy. Under a Liberal Democrat Voice article he wrote at 7.56:

Fairly pathetic attempt really by the LDV crew to stop their website being taken over by a party revolt!

What we have is another display of feebleness.

(1) the Miranda detention. Sorry, no-one bothered to tell us. Told Cameron and May (and got at least their tacit support. But not the DPM. Doesn’t matter, doesn’t need to be told. After the event – let’s wait to find out what someone else tells us.

(2) Guardian hard disks. Went along with it – for the laughable reasons or excuses that have already been exposed. Presumably not having thought it through, certainly not thought through the likely reaction in the party. Assuming they would understand what that is.

And what’s all this about it all being done through an anonymous spokesperson?

Meanwhile, pictures go round the world of agents of the British state smashing up the computers of a leading serious newspaper. The state of Britain today.

Tony Greaves

I don’t think any amount of spinning or nibbing and tucking, ducking and diving, changes the fact that this is all wrong, wrong, wrong.

While our securocrats are obsessed with digital data, they risk under-focussing on more productive forms of investigation. What sort of dumb bum terrorist is going to communicate by email or mobile phone now?


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