Liberal Burblings – header pic

cropped-barrel-rock-tm-straight2.jpgI’ve been experimenting with header images over the last few months. Newbury Market Place has come out as a favourite (below). But I think I’ve finally come up with one (above) that I’ll stick with for a while. It’s a photo I took of Barrel Rock, Bude, Cornwall last month on a hot summer’s day.

My soul certainly resides somewhere in the Bude area. But the last thing I wanted to do was perpetuate the eastern profile of the breakwater as representing Bude. It’s been reproduced in millions of photos and paintings, so that it really is a pain in the proverbial. So hackneyed. But this view of Barrel Rock, as the tide comes in, is a little different from the usual. I took about twenty similar pictures at the same time, but this one beautifully captured the spume over the stones of the breakwater and the waves coming in.

As an aside, the first time I wrote in any publication, aged nine years old, was when I typed up and duplicated a little sheet called “Bude Weekly” which I distributed to 36 readers amongst friends and family in around 1968-1970. The masthead of that publication also featured Barrel Rock and was drawn, if memory serves, by my brother John. So this header pic has an echo 45 years ago and straddles the old Imperial/Gestener and the current cyber ages.



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