My nominations for the Liberal Democrat Voice Awards

The Clyde in February 2Well done to the LDV team for rejuvenating these awards. It should all make for a great evening at the Glasgow conference. Here follow my nominations, and apologies for probably nominating for ones that aren’t nominatable.

You can read the starting orders for the awards here.

My nominations are:

Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year – George Potter, The Potter Blog
Liberal Democrat Tweeter/Facebooker of the Year – Lord Bonkers
Best use of social media by an elected representative (Tim Garden award) Dr Julian Huppert
Lib Dem Councillor of the Year – Alex Folkes
The Lib Dems’ Favourite Tory MP award Dr Sarah Wollaston, Kenneth Clarke
The Lib Dems’ Favourite Labour MP award – Frank Field
Lib Dem Minister of the Year – Steve Webb
Lib Dem MP of the Year – Dr Julian Huppert
Lib Dem parliamentarian (non-minister) of the Year (open to MSPs, MEPs, Peers, AMs GLAMs – Willie Rennie. Lord Tyler. Catherine Bearder.
Best Political Commentator (print/online) of the Year – Steve Richards
Best Political Broadcaster (TV/radio) of the Year – Andrew Marr


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