Surely nothing happens in Bude, does it?

CSO / GCHQ  Bude, Morwenstow, Cornwall Oct 1987The Guardian again makes mention of Bude today, in relation to Edward Snowden’s revelations.

There is an excellent history of the Bude “site” on Pete London’s Slice of Life blog.

Before the current…ahem…installations were put there, I can remember often driving up to what we call “Cleave Camp”. It had the air of a ghost village. There were two big rows of houses, left over from the war, but no one was living in them.

My dad recently told me a funny story about the site’s current incarnation. A walker was walking along the cliff path by the security fence when they decided to stop and do, ahem, what comes naturally (it being a deserted spot on a desolate cliff). As the walker unzipped his flies, he heard a very loud voice crackling over some nearby speakers saying:



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