Let people wait on yellow lines for 15 minutes. Simples. Problem solved.

russian red:they don't believeMy mind is sometimes blown by the utterly stupid ideas which come out of the government on road safety.

Allowing people to turn right at red lights was one. As they say on Twitter “FFS”.

Raising the national speed limit to 80 mph was another.

It’s as if some people in government live on a different planet.

The latest bonkers idea from the Planet Zog is to let people wait for 15 minutes parked on yellow lines.

So how the hell do we know how long they’ve been on the yellow lines you stupid dumb idiots?!

The whole traffic wardening system in this country works based on wardens witnessing cars parked at one time and then again at another time later.

To actually know that someone has parked on yellow lines for 15 minutes you would need to have wardens going by every yellow lined area every 15 minutes, at least. You need four times as many traffic wardens as we currently have.

And then there is the multitude of yellow lines which are on the road for safety reasons.

The idea is just so stupid it doesn’t even get off the ground.


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