The GMB and how to machine-gun your foot in one easy lesson

GMBPlans to change the way union members donate to Labour could “end rather than mend” relations, says the leader of the UK’s third largest union, the GMB.

Paul Kenny told the BBC that Labour leader Ed Miliband’s “bold move” was “as close as you can get” to ending the link between Labour and the unions.

He predicted a fall in Labour funding.

Mr Miliband wants union members to have to actively opt in to join Labour, rather than being automatically affiliated as part of union membership.

Mr Kenny said the move could see a 90% drop in the number of GMB members affiliating to the party.

The union says its affiliation fees paid to Labour could drop from around £2m a year to less than £1m as a result of the changes.

-That’s from the BBC.

Ah. So, at the moment, the union members are rail-roaded into affiliating to Labour. In future, they will have to tick a box to join the party. And that will mean a 90% drop in affiliation to the Labour party, says the GMB leader.

So, what does that tell us?

Answers on a postcard, please.


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