Will Edward Snowden be stuck at Moscow airport for 18 years?

moscow burgerWell, that seems to be the record for someone staying inside an airport transit area, set by Iranian Mehran Karimi Nasseri. He stayed in the transit lounge of Charles de Gaulle airport for 18 years.

As for Snowden’s current reported hideout of Moscow’s Sheremtyevo airport, Jill Lawless writes:

Iranian human rights activist Zahra Kamalfar spent more than nine months in the airport’s transit lounge with her two children in 2006-2007 before Canada granted her asylum.

Somali refugees spent months in the transit area, begging for food from passing passengers.

As the media can’t find Snowden, they have to focus on writing related articles. There are some wonderful descriptions of the transit area at Sheremtyevo. It is huge and has a Burger King and an Irish pub.

A bottle of wine from room service, at the only hotel in the transit area, costs $165.

It sounds like my idea of hell.

Photo shows Burger King at Moscow airport – Some rights reserved by Claus Wolf


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