Fisk fisks US decision on arming "nice rebels"

A rebel sniper aims at Syrian army positions in Aleppo's Jedida district on October 29, 2012. Syrian fighter jets pounded rebels across the country, the most widespread bombing in a single day since the war began. (Narciso Contreras/Associated Press)Although I tend to read the Guardian online as my first port of call, my usual dead tree read now is i newspaper. Excellent paper. I sit there in Costalotta and read it and do the occasional tweet and look-up on t’internet (via Cloud) of some of the stories. Maaaarvellous.

Article of the day has to be Robert Fisk’s piece about the decision on the arming of the Syrian rebels by the US. It’s a must-read:

As the US wants to arm ‘nice Syrian rebels’ we must remind ourselves that weapons are not just guns. They are about money

Tosh! That’s the only sane reaction to the White House’s announcement that America the Brave is to arm the Syrian rebels.

The US doesn’t plan to send weapons to the horrid rebels, mark you – not to the al-Qa’ida-inspired al-Nusra Front whose chaps film themselves eating Alawites for YouTube videos, barbecue the heads of captured Syrian troops and murder 14-year-old schoolboys for blasphemy. Only to the nice rebels, the Free Syrian Army deserters who are battling the forces of Assad darkness in the interests of freedom, liberty, women’s rights and democracy.

Anyone who believes this knows nothing about war, killing, barbarity and, especially, greed. Because weapons are not just guns. They are currency. They are money.

You can read the article in full here.


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