The joys of shed life


Posting made as a result of a unique, ground-breaking “taking turns” agreement with Liberal England.

For me, this morning was unusual. I started with a run around Greenham Common, which must have been more than 10K, by my reckoning.

I then came back and couldn’t get back into our house.

It’s a long story. The events leading up to that moment were a series of unfortunate events worthy of a Gerald Hoffnung monologue but, thankfully, not reaching such a hopeless crescendo as in the film Clockwise.

So, with only the running kit I stood in, plus stepcounter and digital radio/MP3 player, I made my way to our glorious “new shed”, for which I did have the key.

There we have heater, TV, tea and coffee making facilities (as they say) and various other essential amenities.

Using one of our comfy camping chairs I was able to breakfast on two graze boxes, including a chocolate orange granola. Luvverly.

But this misfortune did allow me to watch “The Andrew Marr Show” and, most gloriously of all, to listen to the Omnibus edition of The Archers. That’s not something I often get round to. It’s all kicking off in Ambridge. It was a bit like an episode of The Sopranos.

Anyway, an hour of the Archers inspired my thinking and I am now happily enscounced chez nous.


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