One of England's greats – Tom Sharpe RIP

Sad news of the death of Tom Sharpe. He wrote some outrageously funny books. After a gentle run-up, you always knew that the various strands of the plot would collide explosively and that there would be a tumultous, chaotic and glorious climax. I regard him as a great English comedic author, certainly sitting on a footstool at the feet of P.G.Wodehouse (though that’s probably doing Sharpe a disservice, given his savage satirical edge – he’s in a somewhat different league than the gentler Wodehouse).

His books were always beautifully illustrated, and BBC2 produced a fantastically good dramatisation of his book, Blott on the landscape. Memorably, it starred some of our best luvvies, such as George Cole, Geraldine James, David Suchet, Paul Brooke, Julia Mackenzie, John Junkin, Simon Cadell etc etc. The music, by David Mckay, was particularly brilliant. The series is available on DVD here.

From YouTube, here is a clip of the music from the show, which I understand was produced almost entirely by multivocalist Viv Fisher.


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