The Mail on Sunday's damp squib


No.10 rocked by secret love affair: ‘Stunned’ PM holds crisis talks over fears tryst will ‘blow political agenda out of the water’

Identities of people involved or details of relationship cannot be disclosed

…So shouted the Mail on Sunday yesterday.

We were promised a seismic event which would knock Cameron for six, by various commentators.

You read all this and your mind reels.

Except, when you finally work out who the secret couple are, via Twitter and the filename of a photo on a well known gossip site, you are left with a distinctly underwhelming feeling.

Note: From what I can gather, the MoS and others can’t reveal the names because of forthcoming court cases. It’s nothing to do with defamation or a super-injunction or anything like that

As for Cameron, if and when revealed, this secret affair will actually make him look him look a bit better, in terms of slightly excusing him for a past decision.


One thought on “The Mail on Sunday's damp squib

  1. When I first heard about this I thought it sounded like another case of deliberate exaggeration by the No 10 spinners in order to reduce the impact of the actual story when it’s released. The £50million Thatcher funeral was another recent example. I hope they’re not paying Mr Crosby too much for advice like this.

    I think I’ve worked out who the couple were but am not sure whether any horses were involved.

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