Has David Cameron given up?

I am totally OK with DC going on holiday. “UK Crisis” is a ridiculous way to describe the aftermath of a tragic murder. If the PM waited for the funeral of deceased armed services members before he went on holiday, he’d never go on holiday.

But what intrigues me is the unbelievable “in your face” Cecil B. DeMille production job given to provide the press with photo-ops of his holiday.

David Cameron is a former PR man. He knows what impact such photos have in a sensitive period.

He could have quietly slipped away with no photos. I believe Nick Clegg did recently.

But no, Cams rubs our noses in his holiday, knowing full well it will get negative headlines.

Has he basically had enough of trying unsuccessfully to lead his party? Has he given up any idea of being PM beyond 2015 and decided: “What the hell, let’s enjoy the moment and show everybody what a glorious holiday we can afford” ?


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