Woolwich killing – let's not get carried away

The awful killing of Drummer Lee Rigby was chillingly horrific and a terrible tragedy, for which my heart goes out to his family.

There are roughly two intentional homicides a day in the UK. You can see some of the victims here.

None of them normally involve the degree of cold-blooded butchery and the “terrorist” connotations of the Woolwich murder.

So, we have all sorts of discussion kicking off about terrorism, hate preachers and “send them back to where they came from” etc etc. That is exactly what the perpetrators wanted to happen. For one single murder, a double daily event in this country, to be blown up into a major national crisis.

We should look very carefully at lessons which can be learnt from this appalling act.

But let’s all calm down a little and reflect on this in a measured way.

My personal first take on the murder, is that the professionalism of the armed response team, who were first on the scene, was mind-blowingly first-rate. We should all be very proud that we have officers who are able to respond in such an exceptional way.


2 thoughts on “Woolwich killing – let's not get carried away

  1. Police were there in 9 minutes. Firearms officers 4 minutes after that.

    It does take a few minutes to get firearms officers organised but one of the alternatives can be summed up by the words “Roger Brereton RIP”. He lies in Shaw Church graveyard, rest his soul.

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