Please sponsor me a little for Macmillan Cancer Support

runningA very close family member of mine is fighting cancer of the oesophagus at the moment. It has been extremely comforting to her and her husband to have the support of the Macmillan Cancer Support people. In this very traumatic and, sometimes, frightening period, it has been great for them to have experienced and caring people to explain the scenarios and just be a listening ear over a cup of coffee at the local hospital.

All this has spurred me to get off my bottom and to go on my first ever sponsored run!

I’m running for “Team Macmillan” in the Newbury Bayer 10K run on Sunday 26th May. This is a very local run in Newbury. It starts and finishes in the central and historic Market Place with loads of people standing around looking at the runners.

So, I’m not taking any chances. I am making sure that I’m doing lots of training – I have done four 10ks in the last few months.

I’d be very grateful if you could sponsor me – even a little amount helps greatly – by using my Justgiving page here. All the funds will go directly to Macmillan Cancer Support.

I realize that 10k is modest in the scheme of things, but, for me, it’s a big deal – especially because if I fail (which, fingers crossed, I won’t) my failure will be seen very clearly by the whole of Newbury!


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