The result from Poundstock, Cornwall

8334962452_1b3295acef_bMy photo is of Widemouth Bay, which is within Poundstock division. The photo is viewable on Google Earth (via Panoramio) where it has had 255 views in just a few months.

Well done Nicky Chopak!

Poundstock – LD win
Andrew Ades, Con 449
Nicky Chopak, LD 487
Rupert Powell, 171
Paul Sousek, MK 206
Turnout 36.3%

Rupert Powell was standing for UKIP, according to their website.

From This is Cornwall: @thisiscornwall on Twitter | thisiscornwall on Facebook


One thought on “The result from Poundstock, Cornwall

  1. I was looking out for the Poundstock result too! My ‘ex-in-law’ roots area, so to speak.

    On the day when alarm bells ring about the lack of qualified Maths and Sciences teachers in our schools, I remember this didnt apply to Budehaven School. My son was taught Physics by the former safety officer at British Nuclear Fuels and was utterly inspired. I hope that Cornish education can be of similar high quality in the future…

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