Oh joy!

A wonderful outcome to the elections, as far as I am concerned.

All the heat is on the Tories because of UKIP emerging as the new governing party of the United Kingdom – warf, warf!

Meanwhile, the story has moved away from “Lib Dems disappear down the plug hole”. Excellent.

In the meantime, we did quite well. I just think Neil Fawcett, being elected in Abingdon South is good enough for trebles all round. Well done, Neil.

In fact, LABOUR have most to psephologically shit themselves concerning these election results. It is in fact them, according to the impeccable and unimpeachable source of Dr Mark Pack (for, it is indeed, he) who have taken the biggest hit from UKIP. C2s and that sort. Non-graduates. People who regard themselves as religious. The clinically insane. These are the UKIP heartlands. (OK, I made that last bit up).

Nigel Farage is 118 and a complete nonsense.


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