The Bulgarian enigma

5603012896_b279d82048_bThere are not many things that rile me more than hearing Nigel Farage repeating endlessly that we are “opening our doors” to two hundred zillion Romanians and Bulgarians who are going to rape and pillage all over the British landscape, razing all human habitation to the ground leaving only an even vaster national debt in their wake.

I sit next to a Bulgarian at work. She is a very hard-working and talented lady who has settled here with her family.

The laugh is that there is a case to say that Bulgarians are already getting better benefits than British people. For example, if a mother has to absent herself to look after a sick child, she receives sick pay in Bulgaria. But not here.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Nigel Farage!

Photo: Balchik coast of Bulgaria – some rights reserved by Ali Burçin Titizel / Gti861


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