Bombardment or hard work?

lib dem libbyI’ve just been phoning voters on behalf of someone I have known and respected for twenty years who is a candidate in the elections tomorrow. I will not mention the candidate’s name or their area, because that will require me to jump through all sort of legal electoral hoops.

I enjoyed the experience of talking to voters. I appreciate that bombardment by paper and phone can be frustrating for the electorate.

I think most people would understand that making contact with voters through their letterbox and phone is a vital part of democracy. When it is done by a party funded by donations and staffed largely by volunteers, such as myself, it comes under the heading of working hard to win people’s votes. That hard work is continued after the election, all year round. That’s not just a slogan. It’s actually true.

I make no apology for that and, indeed, my phone work tonight has greatly strengthened my commitment to the Liberal Democrats.


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