Hogwarts and Top Gear – how foreigners see us?

imageSome new polling for the BBC shows no indication of a huge upcoming Romanian-Bulgarian influx. Nigel Farage has obviously frightened them off.

I was fascinated by a couple of comments by young Romanians interviewed by BBC News.

I’ve heard (mythically, perhaps) it is usual for some Americans, who haven’t been to the UK, to imagine that London is as it is portrayed in the film Mary Poppins.

(Presumably they must think that Dick Van Dyke has a real Cockney accent, so that when they get here and listen to real Cockneys (mostly in Essex these days) they think they are listening to a rubbish impression of a Cockney accent.)

One young lady in Romania said she had read all the Harry Potter books and expected that “England” resembles the places in those books.

One young gent said he likes Top Gear and really likes the people on it, So that’s why he likes the UK.

If any such people do arrive in the UK, it will be interesting to see their faces when they arrive at Slough bus station and can’t find James May or Hogwarts.

Photo of Slough bus station above – Some rights reserved by Martin_Duggan


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