"Regulation of blogging" – I knew people were panicking for no reason

Oh dear.

Perhaps I am getting too old. I had this conversation with someone the other day. They said:

As I get older, like most people, I get more angry.

I contested that, saying that I seem to get more laid back as I get older.

Ah, but you’ve had kids.

…said my interlocutor.

So I have been very much in Michael “Calm down, dear” Winner mode during the last few weeks over this Royal Charter business and bloggers.

Single bloggers were rapidly taken out of the scenario, as specified by one of Lord McNally’s four inter-locking rules.

Now, some very well-paid civil servants at the Department for Media, Culture and Sport have earned their keep by coming up with the wizzo idea of excluding micro-businesses from the ambit of the legislation (through the definition of “relevant publisher”). “Micro-business” is already defined in government as a business of “fewer than 10 employees and an annual turnover below £2 million.”

So that even puts Guido put of the equation.

Huge sighs of relief and trebles all round.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of the good folk who have been concerned about all this.

But I can’t help but think that in future we should all perhaps remember the watchwords:

Calm down dear. It’s only blogging.

I would also add that it’s always a good idea, before jumping to conclusions, to actually read and digest stuff. Like original documents and stuff. On the whole, it leads to a much lower blood pressure all round, I find.


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